Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A Message From Transfiguration Monastary, Benedictine Sisters, Pennsylvania

Dear Chris,
Thanks so much for the message. It is good for us to know that there is another Benedictine group with the same name. It seems there are many groups such as yours today and we find great joy in knowing that. A friend of ours, a UCC minister is also a founder of such a group. Our own oblate/associate group is ecumenical also. We are blessed to be able to share Benedict's way with a lot of good people in all the groups we have started here. Our lives are enriched by the sharing!

My Sisters and I appreciate very much the prayers you promise and assure you of ours in return. I would especially ask that you ask the Lord for vocations to our community that we may expand and continue the ministries we are involved in. By the way our retreat in August was directed by Sister Margaret Malone from you city of Perth. Although I realize it is a large
city, having this Benedictine connection you probably know her or of her. It was a really good retreat.

May God bless you all and once again thanks for the prayers and getting in touch.
With prayer,
Sister Germaine Hartle, OSB

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hard Yards

Last night was again a small gathering. Linda was at Youth Benediction, the Smiths exhausted and Matt on world wide travels - which you can access at his blog
It felt less than exciting last night, despite the fact that we learnt to sing the Magnificat for the first time, but I suppose this is a good sign - a sign that we were joining as a community of prayer in the midst of our busyness, illness and even apathy at times. Our shared silence is a gift at this time, allowing us to rest in the love and company of each other and of God.

Last nights reading was from Abhisihiktananda, a beautiful part of which was:
Prayer is to see God in any person, or in any creature, with whom we come in contact ...
Prayer is the smile, the look of the eyes which conveys to the other the greetings of the heart, which tells the other, known or unknown that they are not a stranger, but recognised as a brother or sister"
(for more on Abhishiktananda check out our resources page )
Peace to all


Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It's nice to be loved

I've been missed by those I care for,
So I know they care for me.
Although I'm 10,000 miles from you,
I'm also there you see.
When we prayed together,
We became family.
So no matter where I am,
When you pray I am with thee.

Check out my comments on Sunday's adventures via the link.

Friday, October 01, 2004


Prayers on Wednesday night were tinged with sadness as we prayed for Chris' safe journey to New Zealand for the sad occasion of his Granna's funeral. We also pray for Hillary who has lost her Mum and pray that the family has the strength and love to get through this sad time together.
On another note also related to travel and bittersweet we said good bye to our Brother Matt who is off on his holiday this week (see his holiday notes on his blog site outofmybrain) We wish him also a safe, happy and fun journey. We will miss you Matt but look forward to lots of great stories and photos when you get back. And lots of evenings of four handed bridge and good wine again!!!!!! We hope to hear about your visits to the various monastries on your travels and hope that this time can enrich our little community. Take care and best of luck.