Thursday, June 16, 2005

Is Tiredness Epidemic?

Tiredness and Weariness are often a characteristic of our times together. Whether it is writing reports, travelling long distances , looking after children, planning a wedding or managing a company, all of us have lives that at times seem to sap us of energy.

Paradoxiaclly, this is one of the reasons I think our community works so well - we see the bigger picture of relationship with one another, and God, through prayer.
Sure, some nights we pray Compline rather than Vespers - it's shorter and gives us a chance to drink a Drambuie or two(!), but we still get togther.
We pray. We are silent. We are a community.

We miss Pete as he gets ready for his exhibition and the Smiths as they journey about. Come back to us safe folks.
God Bless ya all.