Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Things are winding up and down simultaneously in the west. Wnding up as the Christmas period and all the ensuing mayhem really hit full throttle, and winding down as school ends and people generally slow down for the next few months.

Our prayertime and community life always reflect this in Late November and the whole of Decemeber. We are tired, frantic and disconnected from ourselves, and often each other. Often it is little more than we can cope with to share a meal, some laughter and wine, a brief moment of prayer and silence, and then return to our lives. Jason and Rachel are having a new baby soon, so they must be really feeling it!

This year, we have used a few resources from the Bread for the world site. They have a terrifc selection of prayers for Advent which focus on the less wealthy, the less fortunate and the less able. We will use one of their evening prayers this evening to stimulate us from our weariness.

If you read this, pray for us. We need it.