Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Community life

I have been enjoying reading Andrew Dowsetts blog and this week he has written some interesting stuff on being a community which is incarnational (christlike) vs attractional (join us 'cos you like what you see) . Got me thinking about Transfiguration and what we are doing. Where do we sit on this dicotomy? I suspect that all communities are neither one nor the other, they are a combination of both in varying degrees. We have at our heart the incarnational model, we are trying to be christlike, to live out the new kingdom, to be God's family. On the other hand we are liturgical which is attractional by nature -come and see and join in. If our liturgical life is leading us to deeper incarnational relationship then great, but if it becomes a sole means of "look at us!!" then we are off beam. The reality is that we swing between these poles with no trouble at alland more importantly, it gives us life.

Lets continue an ongoing conversation about this nature of our community by commenting below!!

with love


Saturday, October 01, 2005


Happy birthday to Matt and Linda for this month.
Chris, Coralie and Shelle away in NZ for a few weeks - see the link at ayearslife opposite.
Hope the rest of our community family are well.
Can you see the tree ?? This is the view form our home in Nelson, NZ.