Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Easter at New Norcia

As usual, a large number of the community made the 100km trip North to spend Easter with our Benedictine Friends in New Norcia. The celebration of Our Lords passion and resurrection is celebrated with great simplicity and depth, allowing the real joy of this season to shine through.
Paticularly special this year was the beautiful music selection, drawing heavily on chant and Taize, and Easter night drinks on the Organists front lawn!

As we discussed the impact of the weekend last night, over a cup of tea and a hot cross bun, the words of community and peace came up repeatedly. At least for a few short days we really LIVE as a community- praying, laughing, sharing and eating together. What a gift!

Easter Peace to you all


Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Monday prayers

Last night for the first time this lent I was able to make our prayer time- an extra pray session a week we decided to try out during lent. Coralie and I met with Matt at his place. It was a short 15 min prayer time but it was a great reminder to me to slow down and stop and to devote time to God. At first I kept wanting to look at the time since I had a meeting at 6 but when we got into the prayer time the time didn't seem an issue, time with God was far more important than any meeting.
May you all be able to find a time in your coming week to stop and be with God.
God Bless