Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Fairly quiet at the moment. Many of us are away or busy with family commitments over the Christmas period. Still, the prayer goes on - either alone or together. We DO miss each other and our love and care is brought into more focus because of each others absence. Still, within a fortnight we will back to the rhythm of sharing each others lives in silence and prayer.
God bless you and Happy Christmas

Friday, December 10, 2004


Last Wednesday was a quiet one for us. As we have entered Advent the business of our lives seems to have increased exponentially. All of us were pretty shattered by the middle of the week and needed to relax and unwind a little. We spent the night chatting (and trying to get Noah to go to bed). However we didn't neglect our reason for coming together on a Wednesday night. Instead we said Compline, with the advent prayer from the Glenstal book of prayer, a nice little ritual to end the madness of the day and the wind down of our night.
In fact a few of us have been praying Compline on a Friday night before we all head from the Kan's to our own abodes. It really is quite funny sometimes to hear the girls saying the second verse of the Psalm (and Coralie puts such expression into this), "Oh men, how long will your hearts be closed?" Tonight should be no different. We'll say Compline again and (as it should be) it will be constant. One nice piece of stability in this season of business and rushing. I look forward to it.