Thursday, July 28, 2005

Why Wham

Last night we continued our new St Francis study. Once again the majority of us joined together for a shared meal prior to our contemplation. We missed Coralie last night as she was preparing for her big CD launch on Saturday night (follow link to her site 'looking for coco' for more info.)
We had some great discussions last night about the powerless in the world, the poor- that are somehow connected to our own daily lives and the real poor in the rest of the world, we talked about people who we know who live out the gospel in our changing world and how we struggle to live out the gospel and what challenges confront us an hold us back. Peter shared some wisdom from his YWAM days- it has given us all something to think about looking at situations and how they fit with the fruits of the spirit.
Take care

Friday, July 22, 2005


It was great to welcome Andrew this week.
We hope your time with us was rewarding and encouraging.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

New Programme

This week we begin a new study based upon Franciscan spirituality
It will good to see how the ideals of peace and environmental awareness can be incorporated in to our community life.
We continue to pray for the future marriage of Matt and Linda which is getting close, as well as all of the teachers and students who are returning to school this week.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Smells and Bells at Bible Study

We believe that God has a sense of humour, look at the diversity in His people. One of the ways we like to relieve tension in moments of, yes tension, is that if we feel the urge and have the urge, we like to let rip with a good fart. Often this has come at inopportune times but you can't always control the volume that your bottom makes, sometimes this enhances the prayer, sometimes not.... Not everyone in our community feels the freedom yet to do bottom burps but most of us will be encouraged to burp out loud and proud. We are sure that some of Jesus' disciples were often filled with hot air. These times are not mentioned in the Bible, unfortunately but I'm sure they were no different in those days than we are now. Many people feel that some bodily functions are disgusting and will leave the room to drop one, we feel sorry for these people who don't feel they can share and appreciate these gifts.
Next time you are in prayer with someone sneak one out, hopefully the odour ranking will be high and just watch and wait for their response. In this sense you will create your own "smells and bells"!!!!!!
These are our words of wisdom for this week.
Cozzie and Shelle