Sunday, September 11, 2005


As we have continued our study of St Francis, we have been encouraged and challenged to intersect our faith with the issues confronting us on a local and global level. Hurricance Katrina was high on the agenda this week, and particularly the terrible portrayl of humanity which was chronicled afterwards. We discussed the need to become more loving, more forgiving, more selfless, more human so that we can truly reach out to others from our centre. As we considered the future of the three, soon to be four, children in our group, the issues became more imporatnt and focused, encourging local community transformation and stronger positions.

Pete and Moid were off doing their thing, but given the weather it was a miracle any of us got together!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Last night was one of those nights when everyone seemed really really tired it is funny when one of us feels tired we all seem to be in the same boat! We shared a fabulous meal at the Smiths- thanks Jas and really just sat and chatted over the meal (and a couple of bottles of fine red wine!). We missed Coralie who has not been well and thank God that she is on the mend, Chris joined us late after visiting Eliza's school for Father's night. We talked about the Taize service a few of us attended last Wed at the Cathederal and the Taize service we ran at St Phillips on Sunday evening.
Due to the tiredness and long meal we opted to have a social evening and chat instead of a more formalised study- I thing it is these types of evenings that keep us together and so strong. It is funny how the conversation does always seem to come back to Church no matter where the conversation has gone in between time!!!!
We continue to pray for Coralie's continued healing, Jason's healing, for Pete, Moid and Karen and Michelle and their families who have recently lost Grandparents.
God bless
I hope you all have a good week,
Shelle :)