Monday, January 17, 2005

New Norcia Reflections 1

I am on retreat with Phil Timms, a friend. It is hot, and about to have a thunder storm.
Here is a little of todays influences.

The people God loves are precisely those people we meet daily in the streets and on the job. God calls each one to Himself, all of them, just as they are, with their qualities and faults, their joys and their sorrows. He calls them all to share His own inner life, to be perfect as He Himself is perfect. There's no second class call tyo something less, but only the one vocation to the infinite joy of God's very self, for God's love has no restrictions

Fropm Charles de Foucauld

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A Year to Grow

Happy New Year everybody.
What does the year hold for our Community?
Still meeting on Wednesday nights. Still praying, laughing, eating and sharing together.
During Lent, we will have a series of talks about St Benedict, the rule and what it means for us.
Passover meal. Easter with the monks at New Norcia. Our community retreat in September.
Lots of love, Lots of God, Lots of Growth.