Sunday, December 21, 2008

Advent Reflection 5

You know ’the time’ has come: you must wake up now               (Reading from Morning Prayer)

All this thinking about not being afraid has made me a little uncomfortable.
It can easily lead me to not being afraid but then not doing anything!
I need to relinquish my fears and move into the new way of being that the birth of Jesus begins.

Since Jesus was fully human like you or I, he felt scared and afraid too.   
I wonder about how God felt sending Jesus into space and time.            
Can God feel scared?                                                                                  
But somehow, in some way, God and Jesus overcame their fears and acted out their true nature – total love.

Mary and Joseph must have been scared too.                                       
Raising the Son of God! Terrifying stuff!                                               
But they too had to overcome their fear and get on with the stuff of life –decisions to be made, relationships to be had, life to be lived.

The time has come. God is amongst us. 

As I celebrate again the Coming of Jesus I want to live and love out of that reality.

I want to be like the magi and be on the journey deeper into Christ.

I want the obedience of the shepherds, to follow where God calls.

I want what Jesus came for to be the touchstone that I bring to others.

The time has come. I’m waking myself up.

The day in nearly here and I want to be ready